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Visual Development
 A look into my development for characters, props and environments using both 2-D and 3-D software.

Ubisoft NEXT 2023 Concept Submission

Working from the open theme supplied, This concept package entry combined ideas of Egyptian mythology and introducing it into a sci- fi futuristic setting. I really focused on creating a world  that made sense with interesting characters at the core of the story being told. I introduced more blender into my workflow to help create the grand scale for the image.


The Red Eagles: Concept Series

An alternate history story in which New York is invaded by Russian troops, led by Yuri Reznik. New York's defense is left in the hands of former New York Police chief Bobby staple, Holding up a flooded subway station as his squad's base.


Wild West X Gothic; Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter character and prop designed merging western and gothic themes.
It was a fun challenge trying to communicate both these themes through design elements
and creating something that feels  unique. I intended for the character to lookl old and weak but still be quite dangerous.


Caped Hunter-Iterations.jpg
Character pose.jpg

King Arthur X Sci- Fi: Sir Gawain


A Murmur of Men: Cover Design

Prop Process

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