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Time - Gate : Thesis Project

The story was always at the forefront of the planning behind these environment pieces. In the thumbnailing, I was trying to create a hierarchy of what was most important for the scene, then drowning out any other information that was only secondary to the story to not distract from the important features. Making all the images feel like they are part of a cohesive series came down to nailing a color palette that matched the tone of the narrative. something that I kept referring to during the development of this project was the initial color keys I did. This helped stay true to the tone of the story while I was working on the final renders.

retherick building-4k.jpg
recovery chamber-final.jpg
test-scene-final version2.jpg
Medieval Battle Scene-final.jpg
prosthetic- final 2.jpg

Ascending Flags - Game Project

I had the opportunity to work as an environment concept artist on a student game during my time at George Brown College.
This is a turn based capture the flag card game featuring cartoony styled characters backdropped with realistic environments. This was a fun challenge working with a creative team, making art to fit with the back story of the characters while also matchings the style the team was looking for.

AF-Card 2-snow version.jpg
black smith-AF-BG.png
ring test.jpg
igloo -AF-BGbg.jpg
mountain turretbg.jpg
Frosen Hangar-AF-BG.jpg

 This concept package entry combined ideas of Egyptian mythology and introducing it into a sci- fi futuristic setting. I really focused on creating a world  that made sense with interesting characters at the core of the story being told. I introduced more blender into my workflow to help create more realistic environments. In addition, I found a character workflow going from line art to final render that worked well for the aesthetic I was going for. The line art portion of develoipment really helped me understand the characters outfits and mechanics before going into the rendering

Exo Gods - Concept Series


A Murmur of Men: Cover Design

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